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10 Aug

Application of Magnetic Lock for Swing Door

Homeowners use magnetic locks to add safety and security to their homes. Magnetic locks operate due to electromagnetism. The locking device has an electromagnet and armature plate. By attaching these to the door, the door remains shut. Hence, there would be no case of entry in your home.

Swing doors can be open in either direction. Customers love it due to its smooth and easy operation it offers. If you use a magnetic lock for the swing door, you can have extra security. The advantages of using maglocks to swing doors are the following:

Easy Installation

Magnetic locks don’t have lock combinations. So you need to worry to secure your home. The installation process is fast. You can install it in your swing door with ease. All you need to do is follow the right steps, and the lock fits the swing door. You can place it in a comfortable location that enables you to use it effectively.  A magnetic lock suits the texture of the swing doors.

So, you can install it fast and securely. The door and lock match together to form extra security even in a commercial building. When you have it in your home, you have the assurance of comfort all the way.

Superb Locking Speed

Since the lock runs through electromagnets, it would close fast and lock the door. Here, intruders would see no gain entrance to a residence until the locks are open. The key of the lock cuts the power of the device. Using it for a swing door is an advantage. You can lock the door effectively once the magnetism is active. You don’t have to worry about the entry of thieves.

Also, the speed of the device makes it hard for other people to have fast access to your home. Other conventional types require the user to enter a key. Then, the door would open.

Lock Reliability

Securing your home needs a reliable lock. The magnetic lock does its part to the awing door by making it more secure. Unlike other locks, it has no moving parts. So, it would not suffer any damage when a thief breaks into the house. The swing door would have the protection it needs. The combination of the lock and the swing door are excellent in securing your home.

Due to its good quality, the lock stands harsh condition. You can use it for several years. The magnetic lock also features durability to improve the protection of the door.

High Quality

The magnetic lock offers great quality features. One of these is the material it has. Homeowners have the assurance of excellent results in securing their homes. The magnetic lock is perfect for the swing door due to its reliable materials. Users would have satisfaction in keeping their homes safe. The magnetic lock serves as an easy way to secure your home.

Also, the quality of swing doors makes it easy for you to assure full security. Magnetic locks serve as a great way to maximize safety within a house.

High-Security Standards 

Magnetic locks pas the customer and industry standards. Hence, you gain support for the results it gives you. The mechanisms and features of the lock benefit your home. The swing door has an extra feature from the hands of burglars.

Magnetic locks give you a chance to secure your home. It also assures comfort on the part of the owners. Meanwhile, the swing door allows for easy opening. You don’t have to face a hard time in opening the door. In turn, the magnetic lock ensures success in keeping your home secure all the time. Its applications are the best for buyers and homeowners. Magnetic locks and swing doors make a perfect match.

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You are here: Home News&Events Application of Magnetic Lock for Swing Door

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