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Electric windows opener

Using the latest technology, now introducing the automatic window opener, electric window opener that is more reliable and made for your convenience is the best choice for you. With just a slightly touch of the remote control buttons, you can easily adjust the airflow, easy operation in opening and closing your window and the motion you want. The best thing about this is that aside from providing the best smoke ventilation system, it also provides natural ventilation whenever the smoke is detected. This is ordinarily operated by the use of power supply or if the main supplied failed; you can actually use back up battery supply.

Chinentech is one of the leading manufacturers that produce and supply automatic window openers. All the products are of good quality and favorable prices.
Chinentech always tries to manufacture the best-quality products and offers the most favorable prices and the best services. All of the electric window openers are regularly checked and updated.
If you want to inquire about the prices, please contact us.

Electric windows opener

One complete set window opener include the accessory:window opener housing, chain, motor, bracket, screws, the details included in the following picture.

Electric windows opener whole set

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HOW TO CHOOSE THE MOST SUITABLE  Electric windows opener

 Electric windows openers use type

How to choose the most suitable electric window opening mechanisms?

1. Our electric window opening mechanisms is suitable for the below window types.

2. Please refer to the following technical specification to choose the suitable electric window opening mechanisms.

Model CSD300 CSD500 CSD600
The push and pull force 400N 600N 800N
Max load bearing 40kg 60kg 80kg
Travel distance 300mm 500mm 300/500mm
Speed 8mm/s 7mm/s 7mm/s
Size 455(L)X52(W)X40(H)mm 667(L)X52(W)X40(H)mm 574(L)X35(W)X20(H)mm
Operating power 24V DC
Degree of protection 42 IP
Operating ambient Temp. -10° - +70°  

Housing is made of aluminum alloy, also stainless steel can be customized,
chain is made of stainless steel.


 SIZE OF Electric windows opener 

Size of Electric windows opener

PRODUCT FEATURES of Electric windows opener

a.High qualit two-layer stainless steel chain,which make the chain stronger anti-oxidate.

b.The short pitch chain 08B-2 can ensure the low noise and stable operation of the window opener

Electric windows opener chain

c.The motor built-in the overload protection system,when the electric current is beyond the scope of rated voltage,the motor will trip itself.It can avoid the motor burning out as the high electric current.

Electric windows opener


d. The surface of the opener housing has electrophoretic precossed,it is the best way to acid-resistant,akali-resistant,magma-resistant of buildings.Even the window opener in the harshest environment,it can keep 50 years no fading,no aging.

Electric windows opener environment test


e. Centralized controller for fire,Vent centralized controller,Central controller for wind&rain.Remote centralized controller for window open&close in the whole building can all be customized.Just oen press,the whole building windows can be controlled.

Electric windows opener Centralized controller

window opener accessories
                    Receiver Remote Control Smoke Detector Rain&Wind Detector

A. Receiver 

1. The window opener can be closed or open by the receiver. 
2. It can convert the 24 V DC to the output voltage 110V or 220V, otherwise the window opener will be burnt.As usual, one window opener need one receiver. 3. It can receive the signal sent from the remote control. 

B. Remote control 
1.The remote control is wireless, one remote control can control hundreds of windows at the same time if you want them open and close at the same time. 
2. Just one press, the window will open or close automatically,it make the house samrter.

C. The smoke, wind and rain detecting system. 
The window opener can be equipped with the optional accessory smoke, wind and rain detecting system. When detect the smoke, wind or rain, the window would closed by itself.

Electric windows opener wire connection

Electric windows openers Features:

  • Decent, elegant exterior design
  • Overload protection, low noise design
  • Using double metal chain design, more stable and smooth operation
  • With optional stainless steel chain
  • A variety of thrust and stroke choices
  • More than 10,000 times tests
  • Maximum Thrust: 600N

Window openers are devices which are installed on houses, schools, office and other establishments. These are used and installed in order to open and close windows easily as well as the roof vents. Window opener for roof vents will definitely benefit your house, school or your company. Roof vents enables your house or your company to be moisturized. Window openers are very ideal to be used most especially on hard to reach windows like roof vents.


 window opener csd500 application

1. The products must not be installed outside where would get wet in the rain
2. There are two versions for choice, 24V DC and 110V/220V AC, But as usual, the 24V DC is safer than AC version as the large voltage would harm people. The receiver can convert the 24 V DC convert to the output voltage 110V/220V.

PACKING DETAILS of Electric windows opener

 window opener package


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