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Parking Lock

The series of parking lock developed by our company is featured by nice appearance, novel structure. easy control, strong function and high security and reliability etc. The parking lock can effectively avoid the misusing or occupation of the parking lock and is a good assistant for parking lock managements of top-grade residential areas,shopping centers, hotels,offices and airports etc.

Parking lock

     parking lock whole set

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parking lock 1

180°anti collision

The parking lock has  flexible design and self-protection

 It can rotate back and forth to  protect itself from external  collision.And the parking lock will alarm。


Professional Sealing accessory   

Adopt top sealing rubber strip material(wider and thicker).
The IP protection grade is 65, which can ensure to prevent dust and water from coming inside.

 Pressure resistance

  curved disign and thicker steel shell make it have a good performance in pressureresistance. 
  The parking lock can endure a pressure of 500kg  without  damage .
anticollsion function ofparking lock

dry battery

  High capacity dry battery

     Use dry battery instead of accumulator.
     It is Charge-free and easy to maintain.


 Long remote control distance

  Adopt loading coil to increase signal intensity.It has stronger penetration .
  The effective distance is 10~50 meters.You will feel easy and comfortable to control it.

parking lock remote control


inside structure

 parking lock inside structure

 Brand  Olide
 Model  PL-01
 Name Intelligent parking lock
Voltage  DC6V
Static current 3.5MA
Working current 3.5A
 Running time of rises or falls 320mm
After rising altitude 75mm
After dropping altitude ≤50
Remote controlled distance -25℃~+55℃
Eenvironment temperature  -20~50°C
Dimension  380*460*75mm
Weight  8.5kg
Function and Feature

  1.Pressure resistance      2.Self locking
       3.Rain-resistance            4.Theft protection
    5.Power shortage indication(luminotron)
     6.Reset after the alarm on external force
7.Power-off upon external resistance



 parking remote size


A. Installation Position   

 Do not touch the parking lock when the automobile is going in and out of the parking lock. The parking lock is suggested to be installed in the middle of parking lock entrance.  

B . Installation Site  

 The lock is required to be installed on level and dry cement ground.

Installation Method   

A. Rotate the worm with manual crank to raise the rocker, open the lock with key. Open  uper cover to install the lock

B. Drill three holes (12mm  of diameter and 50mm of depth)  and install M8 expansion bolts according to the locations of three installation holes on the parking lock foundation.  

C. Cover three foundation spacers on the expansion bolts. and then cover parking lock foundation. install and tighten the bolts to finish installation.

D. When using the lock, open the upper cover and insert the  battery plug to the  parking lot socket.Then set the battery level.   

E. Install the upper cover. Keep the upper and lower fixed blocks joggling (Hold the back of upper cover to push forward. as indicated in the schematic ),the lock the upper cover.

parking lock installation


 parking lock applicaiton


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