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10 Apr

Swing Door Can Easily Install

Swing Door Can Easily Install

Swing doors have been widely used in many establishments and even in homes. These doors look great and they provide easy access from both directions. Aside from that, installing a swing door is very easy. In some cases, the difficulty of installing the door depends on your experience and how much you know about them.

If you are planning to install a new swing door yet you don’t know how you can ask for a helper to assist you, installing the door on your own is very awkward since you will find it hard to do the installation on your own. There is nothing to worry about as installing a swing door is just as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Finding the right Swing Door

The first thing to do is to find the right swing door with good quality. It is highly recommended to choose a door that is durable and will not be damaged even when opened in any direction. You need to mark the measurements of the door to fit and prevent someone from possible risk of injury.

Buying a Swing Door

When buying a swing door, you have to make sure and check if the door is fitted for the measurement. If you are an experienced worker, it will be a plus point to buy the swing door that will best fit your needs.


Before attaching the door to its frame, it is very important to do an adjustment. You have to take note that your door cannot be hung unless all the work is done like painting or staining before finally installing the swing door.

Drilling the Holes

Since you are done with the customization, it is now the time to drill the holes. It is very important to know the weight of the swing door because the number of hinges depends on the weight of the door. Put the hinges approximately on the door the moment you know the number of hinges. Then, start marking with the use of a pencil if where these hinges will go. Start laying them on top of the area and then you have to mark the place of the screw holes. The screws should be placed in its proper place so that the door will smoothly flow back and forth without any noise or problem.

Securing the Door Hinges

Using the drilled holes, start securing the hinges by using a manual screwdriver. Start screwing them but make sure that they are not too tight since this may cause some damage on the hinges or to the door.

Hanging the door

Of all the steps, this is the easiest part. However, if done alone, this will take you some time to get the job done. In hanging the door, you have to ask for an assistant to help you in installing the door to its frame. After installing the door, start inspecting the door and find out if anything needs to be tightened, loosen or fixed.

Installing a swing door is an easy task to do and you can easily install the swing door.  However, if you don’t have the courage and enough skills to do the job, it is better to hire a professional that will do the job for you. It is also important to choose a reputable manufacturer for your swing door.  

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You are here: Home News&Events Swing Door Can Easily Install

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