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Handicap door operator

Automatic handicap door openers are made to help people with physically disabilities to go through doors. These handicap door openers kit have made it convenient for an incapacitated person to open a door. Electric handicap doors system serve as an ease of access aid, the same way with wheelchair, elevator and stair lift, and are a good help for handicapped persons as well as senior citizens who require the help of walker or wheelchairs in order to move around freely. These tools make possible unrestricted entrance and exit from commercial establishments or residential homes.

       Handicap door operator SD3108

 swing door opener

One set Handicap door operator includes: Opener,  2 arms, 2 remotes, 2 push buttons. Articulated arm and sliding arm both available, can be mounted on the hinge side and opposite hinge side.

Handicap door operator type

                                          Articulated Arm                                                                   Sliding Arm               



                                                                              Remote control Introduction            

 Handicap door operator remote control introduction


       TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION of Handicap door operator
Model SD3108
Swing application One-way open, single leaf and double leaf standard doors
Power supply 220V/AC 110V/AC 50/60Hz
Motor DC 12V brushless motor
Rated power 45W
Door width 1200mm
Door weight 120kgs
Opening/Closing speed 2-8 seconds (adjustable)
Opening time 0-120seconds (adjustable)
Hold-open time 1-30seconds (adjustable)
Environment temperature -20 ~ +50°C
Manual force <30N
Operation noise <55db
Opener size 410mm(L)*80mm(W)*75mm(H)
Packaing size 460mm(L)*200mm(W)*120mm(H)
Opener weight 5.5 kgs
       FEATURES AND ADVANTAGE of Handicap door operator

  1. surface mounting
  2. Push-Go: Automatic activation by pushing or pulling door panel
  3..Quiet and aesthetically pleasing
  4. Electric strike integration
  5. Efficient and cost-effective

Handicap door operator inside details

       Note: backup battery is optional accessory, not included in one complete set.



 optional accessories

 1. Access keypad (card reader)    
 Designed for the control of office building,office,residential house, security system.Card reading and password inputting.Great power of card reading  with the distance no less than 10cm.

access keypad

2. Wire&wireless push button

wire and wireless push button of Handicap door operator

3. Hand sensor switch 
With the non-contact induction design, door can be open in an easy and clean way.Transmit distance is adjustable from 1 to 15 cm.

4. Passive Infrared sensor  (Body sensor)
Just induce the movement of human body only.When someone moves, the sensor will react and door operator will be triggered to operate.Maximum detection speed: 5cm/s.          


hand sensor switch and body sensor

5. Foot sensor     
When feet is detected, beam will be cut off and thereby trigger the signal for door opening.

5. Electric lock     
Make your doors more security. Easy installation. Provide with bracket for installation.Holding force: 280Kg(600Lbs).

6. Hand programmer

hand programmer


  Easily adjustable opening&closing speed, opening angle,hold open time by hand programmer.

S/N Value scope Initial value Function description
1 10-100 65 Opening speed
2 10-100 55 Closing speed
3 1-10 2 Damping opening speed
4 1-10 2 Damping closing speed
5 1-60 20 Damping opening distance
6 1-60 20 Damping opening distance
7 0-120 2 Hold-open time
8 0-3 1 Delay open time
9 0-1 1 Left and right directions of door opening 
A 0-1 1 Fire alarm signal to open/close door
B 30-200 90 Opening/Closing angle
C 0-30 20 Locking force
D 0-60 20 Opeing braking force
E 0-60 20 Closing braking force


      Know more about the operator, function, programming, please visit our videos on Youtube:



        UNIQUE FUNCTION of Handicap door operator

safety icon

A safety feature is built-in to each door opener. When an obstacle is detected during the Operation of the opener,it will stop the opening or closing cycle immediately,until the opener is activated again and the obstacle is 
cleared out ofthe way.

hand open
 Manually open when
 power off



Automatic swing door openers are a technical advancement that can be considered as one step forward in developing the lives of handicap people. Handicapped individuals can now save time because of these electric door openers once they utilized these in homes, offices and establishments. They are economical, reliable, and can aid in enhancing the quality of life of the handicap people by providing them a higher level of freedom. But, in order to obtain high quality automatic handicap doors, choose a reputable handicap door operator to ensure safety and security of the people.

SIZE AND PACKAGEING of Handicap door operator

size and packing of Handicap door operator

The types of handicap door openers and how to choose that ?

There are many kinds of automatic doors that will aid handicap individuals to get through doors. One of the good examples is the sensor handicap door that works through motion detection. This kind of door is normally equipped with a laser sensor which activates the doors to open. This door is best for individuals who have restricted usage of their hands. These kinds of doors are commonly found in commercial establishments such as malls or grocery stores. Touch automatic door is another type of handicap door that is operated by means of pressing or switching a button, a touch panel or wall switch that then opens the door automatically.

Ellectric wheelchair door opener is activated through remote control gadget. The device activates the door in order to open and is good for those who are not capable to get through doors. The combination automatic door system can be activated in various ways, such as pushing a button, by hand, or by means of push and go features which opens the door or through the use of remote control. This kind of door allows flexibility, and it can meet various needs.

Sensor automatic handicap door works through motion detection. This kind of door is normally activated by means of laser sensor that turns on the door in order to open. This door is good for people with limited use of or no hands at all. These are commonly found at public establishments. Touch-type doors function by means of pressing a button, touch panel and a wall switch. Automatic handicap doors allow the physically challenge to open as well as to close the door easily in just one touch of the button or motion detector. This is also equipped with electric door openers which can be opened by hand with less effort in the case of a power failure.


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