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Power sliding doors opener


  • Fob Price: US $ 318 - 940 / Set
  • Port: Shanghai or Ningbo
  • Lead Time: 3~15 Days
  • Warranty: 24 Months

220V or 110V AC input power, turned into 24V DC power by the transformer built inside. Then the power sliding door opener derived by the brushless 24V DC motor, open or close the doors silently and smoothly. The power door operator widely used in the modern Commercial buildings, such as shopping mall, office etc.

These days, the use of sliding doors is more preferred by people compare to the traditional swing doors due to the convenience and safety they provide. Automatic Sliding glass doors are commonly composed of panels that work to turn around corners. Sometimes people don't bother to make use of available spaces in their home; they don't find ways to maximize these available spaces because it is time consuming and it always happen that these available spaces is being wasted. Choosing traditional doors over sliding doors is commonly used in home improvement project for it does not require too much time for planning. But there are lots of advantages you can get from sliding doors for home development.

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FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES OF Power sliding doors opener SD150B

Panasonic motor copy,same quality with low price.

The motor copy the panasonic motor,full enclosed structure ensure long service life.Advanced PWM pulse width control mode providing reliable strong driving force and protect the stable operation of the product.

      Power sliding doors opener motor sd150b

Power sliding doors opener sd150b microprocessor

Built-in transformer,no need extral decoder

32 bit microprocessor in electric board make the door sliding reversely when touch obstacles;

Opening&closing parameters can be intelligently ajusted by control panel without extra programmer;

Various connectors can connect with different optional access control accessory.


Two rolling wheels,teeth belt operate more stable

Our rolling wheels have two wheels while products from other suppliers have only one. Two rolling wheels can balance the weight of the teeth belts. finally make the teeth belt operate more stable and low operation noise, Ther roller is made of polyurethane,it is durable and light.

Power sliding doors opener sd150b roller wheel

Power sliding doors opener sd280 access control switch


Complete perfect access control system

Only entering the passcode or swiping card on the optional access keypad,people can be entered.

Autodoor can reach the functions of automatic/exit only/partial open/locked and open by the optional five key selector.

Various optional accessories such as foot sensor,touch sensor,push button etc.can be equipped.


Functions of Safty beam and microwave sensor
are perfectly combined.

The optional active rader&infrared safety sensor is combined the function of safety beam and microwave sensor If install it, no need safety beam and microwave sensor.More intelligent and convenient ,only need one wire connection, no need more for safety beam and microwave sensor.

 Power sliding doors opener safety beammicrowave sensor

The hydraulic rod between cover and rail make

maintainance&installation easier

The hydraulic rod connect cover and rail make the opener maintenance&installation easier. Made of thermal-break aluminium alloy, it possess better thermal insluation performance and leakproofness than normal aluminium alloy.
The black oblong plastic end panel make the openers look more beautiful, it well match up with the wood, glass door, framed or frameless door.

Power sliding doors opener sd150b cover  

                                       The hydraulic rod                                     The beautiful oblong plastic end panel


 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION of Power sliding doors opener
 Model  SD150b
 Door range  Single leaf Double leaf
 Door leaf weight  Max 160kg*1 Max 120kg*2
 Door width  600~3000mm 600~1500mm
 Opening speed  100~550mm/s(Adjustable)
 Closing speed  100~550mm/s(Adjustable)
 Opening time  0~9 seconds
 Motor  DC 24V Brushless DC Servo Motor
 Supply voltage  Input AC 110V/220V;50-60Hz
 Working temperature  -20~50°C
 Working noise  Less than 50 db


 Power sliding doors opener SD150 COMPONENTS INCLUDING

 Power sliding doors opener sd150b whole set

Components Quantity Componets Quantity
Control panel 1 Reveiver 1
Motor gear box assembly 1 Return pulley 1
Microwave sensor 2 Terminal input assembly 1
Tooth belt 1*7m Power switch 1
End stop 3 Hanger roller bracket 2
Remote control 2 Belt bracket link assembly 2
Device for yaw checking 1 Microwave sensor 2
Transmission rail and cover 2*2.1m    



Power sliding doors opener accessories


Our standard size for the cover and transmission rail is 2*210cm,it is just like the picture one double leaf door shows.If door size is beyond it ,Or if it is single leaf door,please contact us to choose the correct size for you.

           Power sliding doors opener style

                                      Double leaf door                                                                                 Single leaf


 sliding door opener profile


project from customer

These Advantages of power sliding door opener includes:

• Sliding door provides great protection to your home for it will not be open easily without the control. Using a sliding door in your garage and main door will help you prevent unnecessary circumstances that may lead to serious problem like robbery and crime.

• It provides huge amount of convenience as it does not require you to manually open and close like traditional doors does.

• Doors that slide on track are easy to operate as the usual weight of this door type is always on the track.

• Sliding door is reliable, easy to operate, requires minimal maintenance and the speed use of toughness is exceptional.


           automatic door orders from customers


Sliding doors have not only fulfilled the purpose of privacy, convenience and security, they also introduced room partition as an added improvement for your home construction. Sliding doors can also be used as bathroom doors where the shower area is being separated to the comfort room, room dividers, bedroom dividers, wardrobe dividers and more. It helps you to maximize available spaces and make it for valuable use. For offices and work areas, it is recommended to use sliding doors to avoid door slamming which is always created by traditional swinging office doors. Sliding doors provide less chance of accidents due to sudden opening, it occupies small percent of space so the room can accommodate accessories and furniture, and most importantly it provides easy access to children, elderly and handicap people because it does not require much force to open or close.

There are countless brands available in the market today but it is important to check where the sliding door was developed as there are lots of manufacturers that may mislead you with the qualities of sliding doors they offer. It is also a must to know specifically what you need and what part of your home you will use a sliding door for you to choose the correct door type. Measuring the area is one of the most recommended factors for you to know the exact measurement of sliding door that will perfectly fit.

Sliding glass doors are recommended for small spaces like studio type condo or apartment because it creates wide accent to make your space big. It can also be used as a room divider for small spaces for privacy. All in all, the uniqueness of automatic sliding door provides lots of advantages and benefits that will surely satisfy and exceed your expectations.


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