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Automatic sliding doors (11)

Automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding door is the complete mechanic-electronic automation system for all kinds of sliding doors. We offer good quality, low price automatic sliding entrance systems, widely application in the hotel, Public, cold room, office, shopping mall, residence etc.

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Automatic swing doors (7)

Automatic swing doors

Automatic swing door opener (operator) is the device which motorized open and close the swing doors, It popular residential and commercial used, and specifically made it very easy for many disabled individuals in opening a door.

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Automatic windows opener (6)

Automatic windows opener

Automatic window opener can be installed to many varieties of windows including Single hung, double hung, hinged casement, skylights, roof vents, conservatories, etc. Electric window opener that is more reliable and made for your convenience is the best choice for you.

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Automatic hospital doors (2)

Automatic hospital doors

Automatic Hospital door is designed for the indoor environment having high-degree requirement for sanitation. Also It is indeed the best solution in helping disabled and patients in hospital. And the certain building's cooling and heating system will definitely work effectively.

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