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25 Jul

Advantages of Infrared Sensor

Technology has been a big part in the daily lives of the people across the globe. The infrared sensor is one of the latest developments today. What is it and how it works? Find out the answers after reading this article.

What is an Infrared Sensor?

It is an innovative technology that picks up an area of a light spectrum that our eyes cannot see. It is also called as thermography and infrared detectors that are used in science, construction, and public service. Infrared sensors can emit and receive infrared waves, but most of them can only receive these waves. This kind of infrared sensors is referred to as the Passive Infrared Sensors or motion detectors.

Infrared detectors are considered as the pyroelectric sensors that sense the light spectrum’s infrared wavelength. They can be formed with photodiode, phototransistor, and photoresistor. They are also important for the transference of infrared light.

Benefits of Infrared Sensor

  • It can be applied to a huge It can be operated in real time and picks up the movement. So, it is ideal to use in different circumstances. Fire departments use it to help firefighters to see through the smoke.
  • Infrared sensors can also monitor the infrared light from distant in a wide area. It detects the movement which makes it perfect for security purposes. It helps the people to see what other devices don’t allow them to see like the leaks in the underground pipes.
  • Infrared sensors can also receive the infrared light that is irradiated in living and non-living objects that are essential to different applications where infrared sensors are used.
  • The infrared detectors are also applicable to a situation which needs thermal energy detection. It was used in combination with an infrared emitter for the infrared light transfer.
  • It is very useful as motion detectors that can open the doors, track objects, and activate systems based on thermal energy that is irradiated from humans, animals as well as moving objects.
  • They can also be applied for night-vision applications, heat-seeking missiles, and laser range finding. Television remotes emit infrared light to change the channels. Furthermore, television comes with a built-in infrared sensor for receiving remote’s signals.
  • Infrared sensors are also widely used in the construction of skyscrapers and big structures to detect leaks in pipes that is impossible to see by the human eyes.

How does it work?

Infrared sensors are designed for different functions. They are made from natural or artificial pyroelectric materials. The pyroelectric material forms an electrical voltage if it is cooled or heated. Infrared detectors are commonly coated with Fresnal lenses or parabolic mirrors that retrieve the infrared waves in an entire area. When the infrared waves arrive at the sensor, it can generate a voltage in various waves which can be utilized to activate an alarm and activate a specific system.

Why choose infrared sensor?

  • It offers secured communication with the point-to-point mode of communication.
  • It has a battery that can last longer due to lower power consumption.
  • The infrared sensor has good stability over time.

To sum it up, the infrared sensor has amazing benefits in different applications.

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You are here: Home News&Events Advantages of Infrared Sensor

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