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Automatic hermetic doors


  • Fob Price: US $ 800 - 1,650 / Set
  • Port: Shanghai or Ningbo
  • Lead Time: 3~15 Days
  • Warranty: 24 Months

Automatic hermetic doors offer many advantages which will benefit both the medical institution and the people that go in and out of the premises, especially for the disabled person. Hospitals that have electric air-tight doors offer more convenience to patients, professionals that work here, and other individuals that visit the establishment.

Air-tight seal:

Using seal on all sides of the door leaf to fill the gaps between the door and the frame achieving a dust proof seal.
After reaching the closed position, the door leaf will move inwards and downwards an additional 5mm to ensure a closed gap between the door leaf and the frame for an air-tight seal.

Automatic hermetic doors

 Automatic hermetic doors introduction


 FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES OF Automatic hermetic doors BODY

1.It adopts various forms of door edge wrapping, is equipped with high-strength durable seal strips, and satisfies with purification requirements.
2. The operator track rail of on-wall type is directly mounted onto the wall, easy and fast for installation.
3. It adopts high-quality hardware, and is beautify, delicate, practical and reliable.
4. Unique design of handles to reduce manual opening force when power off.
5. Operating quietly and fast, the sound insulation effect is good.
6. Rubber lining sealing technology combined with groove on the guide rail enables the door completely sealed when the door closed.

Automatic hermetic doors body

       Rubber lining sealing technology combined with groove
       on the guide rail enables the door completely sealed
       when door closed.

   Unique design of handles to reduce
   manual opening force when power off.

Automatic hermetic doors color and material
                    Choose color on the door body surface        Xray door lead lined inside 1.5mm


 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION of Automatic hermetic doors
Door sliding modes Single-opening Double-opening
Dooe leaf weight ≤1*195 kg ≤2*185 kg
Door leaf width 600-1200mm 500-1150mm
Opening speed 150-500mm/s(Adjustable) 150-450mm/s(Adjustable)
Closing speed 100-450mm/s(Adjustable) 150-430mm/s(Adjustable)
Motor 24V 100W brushless DC motor
Opening time 0-9s(Adjustable)
Automatic function Automatically reverse upon obstruction
Voltage AC220V 50Hz-60Hz
Operating ambient Temp. -20°C~60°C

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 FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES OF Automatic hermetic doors
Automatic hermetic doors 1

     High dynamic acceleration, low moment of inertia extremely 
     high short time overload capacity of the motor

1. Indepent power supply makes the door more efficiency and
   powerful in operation.

2. Intelligent controller makes the door more stable and reliable
    in operation. 

3. Displaying adjustment with digital parameters, more accurate.

hospital door foot sensor



Foot sensor makes doctors and nurses more covenient enter
the house,
especially when carrying something in their hands


Automatic hermetic doors unique features 1
Olide air tight door guide rail use unique technology,
which makes door completely sealed when door closed.

Guide rail from other suppliers, design gap, 
poor sealing effect.

Automatic hermetic doors unique features2
   Olide airtight door sliding slots use convex structure, which makes
    altering trajectory more flexible, also can be dust proof.
Automatic hermetic doors wheel
Olide tensioning wheel material
is galvanized steel, reliable and

            tensioning wheel from other
             supplier material is plastic,
              fragile and lower use life.



 hospital door appication


 hospital door packing and shipping

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